Acción Social 2022 - FRIGOCHACO

We are pleased to share with you the contribution that Frigochaco made in the framework of CSR 2022 together with its staff of more than 460 employees, which stands out for its commitment to the institution and society.

Our employees committed themselves to the challenge of leaving the classrooms in good condition for the children's return to school, who are …

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National Heroes Day

dia de los heroes.jpg

The National Day of Heroes was established on March 1, 1870 to remember President Mcal. Francisco Solano López and all the other heroes who gave their lives to defend Paraguay in the War of the Triple Alliance.

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92 years of Freedom

Development and progress in the Western Region - Fernheim Cooperative

El Chaco Avanza

Today we will learn more about the development and progress in the Western Region precisely with Fernheim Cooperative.

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Calf production and combination of different breeds - Laguna Porã

Producción de terneros y combinación de razas diferentes - Laguna Porã | El Chaco Avanza ✅

Today we will talk about calf production and the combination of different breeds with Dr. Georg Bench, manager of the Fernheim Coop.

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