Frigochaco reanuda la provisión de carne a Qatar Airways.

Frigochaco reanuda la provisión de carne a Qatar Airways.

El Frigorífico Frigochaco reanudó la provisión de carne bovina a la empresa Qatar Airways luego de siete meses de suspensión a causa de la pandemia del covid-19, informó ayer el gerente general de la industria, Korni Pauls. Paralelamente, el sector pecuario, con los altos precios del ganado, da signos de haber despegado y figurativamente está adquiriendo “alto vuelo”.

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16/08/2020 - Día del Niño/a


Frigochaco les desea a todos los hijos/as de sus colaboradores un Feliz Día del Niño/a.

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August 15 - Asunción Foundation.

15 de agosto.jpg

On August 15, 1537, our city was born, which its founder, Salazar, baptized with the name of Asunción; Later it received the name of "Mother of cities" because the conquerors left here to found as many cities in America.

Frigochaco congratulates our beloved Asunción on its 483rd anniversary!

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August 14 - Paraguayan Flag Day.


The National Flag of Paraguay was adopted in 1842. The emblem and the proportions are the same since that date. The flag has three horizontal stripes of equal width in the colors red, white and blue. It had its official creation in the Extraordinary General Congress of the national Parliament, on November 25, 1842. On the obverse it presents another …

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July 30 - Friendship Day.


It is the Friendship week!! and considering that we are going through a moment when we cannot share with friends, as we would like. That does not stop you from eating a delicious barbecue with the best Premium cuts Don Pepe. Commemorate those good times you spent with friends, family and all your loved ones. Share with them in a …

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