Elaboration Process

Animals Arrival

After the animals arrive to the meat processing plant, they are sent to a huge pens to rest for a lapse of time. After the rest time conclude, these animals are totally cleaned and inspected by profesionals veterinarian before being slaughtered.

The Slaughter

The saughtering site was designed in order to perform a serial, clean and quick work, the high technology machinery, are operating by profesionals who fulfill a special function. During and after the slaugtering, each cattle is meticulously ispected before it taking to the maturing chamber.

The Boning

Once the maturing procedure was supervised for 24 to 36 hours depending of the merchandise destination, the half cattle heads goes to the boining site where are cutting and prepared in specifics cut; subsequently are labeling and packing. After the adequate packing, the beef are parcel up into a boxes to be freezing.

The Exportation

An effective and responsible distribution are the keys of our good service to our customers. The packing material are enought resistant to hold up the transportation bustle. To guarantee the products receptions to our customers hands on time and in a good conditions, we works with a serious and responsible transportation company.