Delegation of Swiss clients visits the Cooperative Fernheim

Delegation of Swiss clients visits the Cooperative Fernheim.

On Monday and Tuesday, Swiss clients visited the Frigochaco slaughterhouse and cattle ranches in Chaco; Campoí and Chacra Experimental, both owned by Fernheim Cooperative. On Monday, they observed the slaughter process at the plant, while on Tuesday they enjoyed the view of grazing herds. They showed great interest in the history of Fernheim while exploring the museum in Filadelfia.

The Swiss company GVFI has been a buyer of meat from Frigochaco for 15 years, maintaining a solid and reliable business relationship. Switzerland authorizes the import of three cuts of Paraguayan meat: Tenderloin, striploin and Rump. Every year, GVFI visits its meat suppliers, and periodically invites its main Swiss buyers on these trips, who own supermarkets, restaurants and butchershops.

An interesting fact is that the annual per capita consumption of beef in Switzerland, which averages around eleven kilograms. Frigochaco exports approximately 300 tons of meat to Switzerland each year.