We are pleased to share with you the contribution that Frigochaco made in the framework of CSR 2022 together with its staff of more than 460 employees, which stands out for its commitment to the institution and society.

Our employees committed themselves to the challenge of leaving the classrooms in good condition for the children's return to school, who are returning after these 2 years of confinement and virtual classes.

It is an honor for us to contribute our grain of sand for a year of new challenges for our students.

The schools and colleges benefited were:

El Palmar School and College

Santa Lucia National School

Santa Rosa National School

Padre Cleva School

San Roque González National School

To mention some of the works carried out are among them: - Repair of the perimeter wall; - General maintenance of the lighting and ventilation of the classrooms; - Repair and painting of the toilets, in some cases supplying running water; - Provision of lighting in the sports center; - Replacement of glass in openings; - Painting work in classrooms and corridors; - General cleaning of the playground, pruning of trees and trees; - General cleaning of the playground and pruning of trees and corridors; - Painting work in classrooms and corridors; - Painting work in classrooms and corridors ; - General cleaning of the playground, tree pruning and gardening ; - Refurbishment of 3 classrooms (electrical installation, fans, glass, doors, painting) ; - Refurbishment of male and female toilets with new sewage drainage and cesspool. - Construction of a fence with woven wire;

These were some of the works carried out with so much affection by each of the staff members that make up the Frigochaco staff.

Welcome to a new school year!

We wish you all the best.

Frigochaco - Fernheim Cooperative Ltd.